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GreenChoby: Listen/Lyrics

Lifetime Journey with You

(written by Carolyn Green)

The lyrics:

They were just kids in the forties after the Second World War.  He’d find her working at her father’s restaurant she’d hold his hand out the door.  He had a small pearl from Asia. From his time in the service at sea, had it set in a ring she could wear on her finger, as he questioned his Rose Mary ... 

What would you say to a lifetime, no matter what we go through.  I think that I’d like a lifetime, a lifetime journey with you.

When they started they had next to nothing and one more war drew him away. He came back home to a new baby daughter and they built on the hopes they had laid.  A new job that traveled the country, the home grew as five more kids came. There were baseball games, treehouses, road trips, gymnastics; she made a home full of play.



Kids went to college, found husbands and wives. Grandchildren all came along. After fifty Septembers and fond memories, they now wonder where the time has gone.